gift & card. together at last.

I put my crafty Mcgyver skills to good use by combining the earrings (the gift) and the thank you card in one. I’m quite pleased with myself on this one.ThanksEarRingCard (6 of 6) This time I actually die cut out the word “thanks” then watercolored it, post cutting. I like this look a little better than trying to watercolor a guesstimate of placement then die cutting. Who knew?ThanksEarRingCard (5 of 6) I made the earrings from darling glass beads that I ran across at the craft store. All I know is that I’d be happy as a clam to get this little goodie as a thanks. In fact, I may just like it too much to give it away. 🙂ThanksEarRingCard (2 of 6)Happy creating my friends,

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