My friend Cath…


What I like about Cath’s new blog is the freedom the create as you’d wish, I invite you to check it out and enjoy the creative ride she’s sure to take you on — Hip & Hooray.

Cath’s first inspiration piece…


My project, I was a mix of ideas. I’ve been wanting to use some feather files on my Silhouette, then I saw a gift my daughter had made for me many years ago… a dream catcher. So I created my own cut files and a different kind of birthday card was born. I love the idea of making and giving something that can be hung and/or displayed. But being made out of paper, the recipient doesn’t need to keep it forever. Just long enough to spark a smile. I don’t ever want to burden anyone with the idea that they have to keep a handmade item forever. Keep it only as long as it inspires a happy thought. IMG_4469

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