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Mother’s Day Magnet Set

I’ve been obsessed with clothespin magnets as of late. Super-cute, super-easy gift for Mother’s Day. I designed the little gift holder, it has a little pocket at the bottom where the clips attach and then holes for your ribbon of choice.
I buy my magnets on Ebay, not badly priced, but be sure to order waaaay ahead of time because they are coming from overseas.I used my new favorite Mod Podge, Glitter Mod Podge. So fun!Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Creating anything… today = wreath

Sometimes creating for with no purpose in mind is the most rewarding. I’ve been in a slump. to. say. the. least. I’m taking baby steps… today’s step is with one of my favorite mediums, fabric. to be specific, fat quarters, you know the ones that come in sets already. Easy peasy stuff. Enjoy. Fee free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ready for your close up darling?

gift & card. together at last.

I put my crafty Mcgyver skills to good use by combining the earrings (the gift) and the thank you card in one. I’m quite pleased with myself on this one.ThanksEarRingCard (6 of 6) This time I actually die cut out the word “thanks” then watercolored it, post cutting. I like this look a little better than trying to watercolor a guesstimate of placement then die cutting. Who knew?ThanksEarRingCard (5 of 6) I made the earrings from darling glass beads that I ran across at the craft store. All I know is that I’d be happy as a clam to get this little goodie as a thanks. In fact, I may just like it too much to give it away. ๐Ÿ™‚ThanksEarRingCard (2 of 6)Happy creating my friends,

Your the Best Quicknote Set

This little box was made up from scoring here and there, and slowly developed into what it is. I love making little boxes, they feel so perfect and complete. I think I really want a Score-It. If any of you have one or have used one, let me know if you think it is worth the $ and time.

Yes… there is that cloud template again. I wasn’t kidding when I said I only use what is on my desk or right in front of me. That’s why you will generally see at least one item/color/etc. from one project pull over into the next. I think I must be to lazy to get up and get different stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This little box stands all on its own, holding twelve 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ note cards and envelopes. The cards have a white space on the inside for writing, and are non-gender specific. It’s just what I wanted…. I am exploring different applications for this new member of my personal creative family.

Yeah! Paper Crafts Goodness

Check it out….. one of my projects made it online too! The photo isn’t me, even though she is cute. Here’s the link if you want to go there. Link.

Gorgeous Gifts with a Handmade Twist

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Jennifer Schaerer

Jennifer Schaerer

Holiday Cards & More Week is a little slice of early holiday heaven for me.

Iโ€™m the one who keeps my Christmas playlist on my iPod all year long (Iโ€™ve also been overheard humming carols in May). I also just bought two new ornaments last weekend for our Christmas tree. And itโ€™s only August, but Iโ€™m already working on a few ideas for neighborhood and teacher gifts for Christmas.

Seriously, I think there must be at least one branch of elf DNA in my family tree.

Alicia Thelin came up with the perfect combination of fun, cute and simple for my neighbor gifts this year:

Whip these up assembly-line style and youll have neighbor gifts in no time at all!

Whip these up assembly-line style and you’ll have neighbor gifts in no time at all!